BBG + New Balance

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HEY!! Its my first athleisure look on the blog (crazy because this is all I wear when I’m not working…) And today I’m going to be sharing my workout routine! This is my go-to when Im not feeling my best at the gym. I usually do this when I only have a little bit of workout time in my super busy day!

About the look: These are the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. They are apart of the J.Crew x New Balance collection. They’re running shorts so they are shorter BUT they have built in spandex which makes them soooooo comfy. This top is also the best and comes in lots of colors!! My shoes are too cute and my favorite colors, navy and rose gold, I love love love them!!!!!! I got my jacket last year from Athleta and I love it. I love that its structured and super flattering!

BBG: BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide. This is a workout program created by Kayla Itsines. I first started BBG last year and never finished… it is a 12 week program and some times life just gets in the way. I think I got to around week 8 or 9. I really like the program because it built my muscle up and for me its just easier to have a workout set right in front of me to follow instead of just going to the gym with no set and just doing whatever. I really really love how the program is organized. I would definitely recommend it! The workouts are only 30-minutes long so it makes for a perfect quick sweat sesh 🙂

Quick Trip + NYC

You can shop these outfits in my shopstyle profile with the link in my Instagram. Or go to my connect + contact page. 
Happy almost Friday :)) I’m so sad I’m not in NYC anymore!! I got to NY on Sunday and then came back Monday (how sad). I really can’t wait to live there, leaving is so hard. I love everything about that city!! My mom and I went to hand in my transcript & submit my application to FIT.

On Sunday we got to our hotel which was right next to FIT, got some coffee and went to explore along 5th Ave. Did some shopping & then had dinner at an amazing Italian place. 

We woke up super early Monday morning to walk all the way to Rockefeller center to check everything out & then headed to FIT to meet with admissions. Once we met with admissions we walked to check out NYU and then headed back to the hotel to get our stuff. 

Hopefully in January I’ll have a one way ticket to New York City & I can’t wait.

Sweater Time???

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Happy Tuesday! I am in total fall mode. I even made a fall mood board and am currently living through it since its not quite yet fall here in Houston… Check it out HERE!

This sweater is perfect for that in-between-kinda-fall-not-quite-yet weather. Its lightweight and comes in 4 colors! I got the cream color just because I don’t have too much of this color in my closet. I had some trouble pairing it at first but then I found this dress!! I think the sweater would also be cute with a skirt or some jeans & boots!!

Chambray + Good Weather

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We have had the BEST weather here in Texas this last week!! Sadly, its slowly getting hotter again ): Im counting down the days until October y’all. Its my favorite month and fall is my favorite season, Im so ready!!!!!!

I got this shirt this past week from J.Crew and its the cutest. Only thing is it runs super big ( I sized down TWO sizes). It comes in white too if you’re not feeling the chambray.

I have been working and organizing so many exciting things for the rest of the month and all of October and I can’t wait to share them all!!!

Also school starts on the 25th (my birthday) and I don’t know how I feel about it!!!! But Im super ready to get this semester over with and go off to New York!!!!


BFF + Free People

Ilaria’s Outfit / My Outfit 

Just me n my bff in some luxury Free People finds HAH jk these were actually pretty cheap for being from Free People and I’m happy to share some deals with you. I love both these pieces because they’re dramatic, yet simple (as a mentioned in my post about the two piece set). To me, they’re both so beachy and cute. And very chic. Anyway, this is my bff/photographer/workout partner/travel buddy/bestie for the restie. And its her bday!!!!!!! YAAA happy 19th sweet, very young bff. I love how you always have my back & are always by my side! We have been best friends since our freshman year and have grown so much together. I don’t know what I’d do without her, literally. Like, sometimes if I feel super awkward walking alone and don’t want people to see me by myself shopping or something I call her for no reason. But she understands, HAH. I love that we have the same sense of humor also, somethings people think are so stupid, she just gets it like I do. Really though she’s the best person ever!!! Also, shoutout for always curling my hair when I have my extensions in because I’m too lazy since theres SO MUCH HAIR. Another shoutout for dying my hair for me, even though we screwed up big time and dyed it half black… WE also survived a flood together!!! I love you sooo much, thanks for being my best friend forever. Ilaria, Maria, Ilarka, YOURE MY BFF AND ITS YOUR BDAY WHOOP!


xo, e

Discount 4 you + Back 2 school 

                      GLASSES/ SKIRT 

HAPPY THURSDAY! This is such a super busy week for me, but also an exciting one! Getting ready for my last semester at home & planning all my college visits – super stressful. I have no idea where I’m going to be in January but I’m excited to find out! I will either be in Austin, TX, New York City, Savannah, GA, or Providence, RI !!!!!!!

This shirt, I love it so much. I originally saw it last year at J.Crew but they only had an xxs and we’re sold out online ): LUCKILY, factory carried it for a little – just in time for me to grab it, but I couldn’t find it to link it so it might have sold out again ah.

GLASSES!!! I have a slight (large) obsession with sunglasses 😎. I had always wanted to try regular glasses just to see what I’d look like, and I love these y’all!!! AND YOU CAN GET THEM (and everything else on the site) for 20% off!! Now go expand your collection of sunglasses & get ya some.




My two favorite cities! New York City and Austin, Texas. I love this city! Austin is so beautiful and so much fun. These photos were taken at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, a series of walls that are covered in graffiti and art. Perfect photo op. You can bring spray paint and paint whatever you want, wherever you want. And it has the BEST view!

My sweatshirt is from J.Crew and sold out pretty quick the first time it was in stores so now that its back, get one!! Its so comfy and actually lightweight. I like that it is lightweight so I can layer with a collared shirt. These shorts are also from J.Crew and are the CUTEST. They’re also under $50!! I would go a size down in these because after wearing them all day they became pretty loose.


XO, E!!