My two favorite cities! New York City and Austin, Texas. I love this city! Austin is so beautiful and so much fun. These photos were taken at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, a series of walls that are covered in graffiti and art. Perfect photo op. You can bring spray paint and paint whatever you want, wherever you want. And it has the BEST view!

My sweatshirt is from J.Crew and sold out pretty quick the first time it was in stores so now that its back, get one!! Its so comfy and actually lightweight. I like that it is lightweight so I can layer with a collared shirt. These shorts are also from J.Crew and are the CUTEST. They’re also under $50!! I would go a size down in these because after wearing them all day they became pretty loose.


XO, E!!

Stripes + Bow Shoes

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Shoes / Top / Shorts

These shoes!! So comfortable and adorable AND under $40. I love having shoes that can go with pretty much everything and that I can just slip on. Also this new arrival J.Crew top has been my obsession lately, I really like that its not just a basic popover but it has the subtle ruffles that make it a little more girly and dressy. Lastly, these shorts are actually high rise and are a staple piece. The material is so comfortable and stretchy (so go a size down) !!

Comfy + Rainy Day

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Sweater / Shorts 

Its been pretty gloomy weather here in Houston lately. So after classes if I don’t work I have been coming and laying down to watch Catfish all day… along with some studying… but mostly Catfish, the show is crazy weird. Anyways, I fell in love with this sweater the second I saw it. It is on the pricey-er  (is that a word if so how do you spell it) side but you will definitely get your use out of it! You could wear it on a day for running errands, lazy day in, or even to the beach as a coverup! Also I think I maybe wanna do a try on session just to show videos and not pictures of how stuff fits. What do you think?? Lemme know. Happy shopping!!!