Fall Trends I Love

Leaves are changing colors, and so should your closet! Pack away your bright fun summer colors and bring out the cool cozy fall tones. Big over-sized sweater, boots, booties, denim jackets, all the fall fun. Fall is my favorite when it comes to fashion and style. SO today Im going to be sharing some basic fall pieces that are very trendy that everyone should have in their closet! (For more fall outfit inspo click HERE)

First, A good cream colored over sized sweater. You could wear this as is, add a denim jacket, or wear a white collared shirt underneath. I picked this off white color that way its very versatile and you could wear with literally, anything. Heres a cute outfit example:


Next up, Hunter boots for sure. I love mine so much and get so excited wearing them every fall. Even though they are a rain boot they’re so stylish to wear during this season. And honestly you can get any color and be able to match the season even with a bright yellow boot. Here is a cute example:


Another trend Ive been feeling is white booties… I love the idea of having them underneath some boyfriend jeans. Inspiring example:



Next up, an oversized distressed denim jacket. These come in handy when its cold out and need a jacket over your sweater. Another look I really love is like an all black athleisure look with the denim jacket.. Example:


Lastly, an oversized cardigan. The perfect laying piece. Just throwing one on and you can change your entire outfit. Example:


Every Day Dry Skin Makeup Routine


Now that its fall, my skin gets super dry. I already have dry skin to begin with so I always dread the fall weather + my face. Its super dry and flakey and gross. I wanted to share some products I use regularly during the fall (make up wise).

  1. I always put on vaseline! Every morning I wake up with super dry skin because I have bad allergies so areas around my nose and mouth get dry almost every day. So the first thing I do is just put vaseline on those areas.
  2. If I don’t work I use this AMAZING concealer. Its hard for me to find good foundations and concealers that don’t dry out my skin even more. So this one I highly recommend. If I am working, I use the illusion foundation. This foundation is super hydrating, I love it.
  3. Lastly, I use my favorite highlight/bronzer/blush just to finish the look!

DAY TO NIGHT LOOK: Little Black Dress 

Casual // Night Out

The perfect day to night dress is here! I love this dress because its so comfy and perfect for a busy day. Ive had this one forever but linked a similar in the outfit description. When you’re on the go and don’t have time to change between errands and a night out this dress is perfect. With the denim jacket its a casual day look. And then trade the jacket for a leather one, add some heels and a necklace, and its a completely different outfit. Everyone needs the perfect LBD in their closet- this one is a must.

Fall Booties + Boots Under $100

Some of my favorite affordable picks for boots and booties of all different styles!

1. Short Booties

Comes in 5 colors, shop HERE at $49.99 
Comes in 3 colors, shop HERE at $49.99
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2. Tall Booties

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3. Sock Booties

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4. Riding Boots

Comes in 2 colors, shop HERE at $59.99
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5. Over the Knee Boots

Comes in 3 colors, shop HERE at $79.99
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Five Ways to Stay Positive Through out the Day


Some days can be super overwhelming, busy, and just frustrating all together. These are the most important days to keep your cool. Here are 5 things I try to do daily when I am feeling super stressed or frustrated to keep my day positive. Keep these five things in mind!

  1. Try saying “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry” – this gives a more positive view own something negative. For example, rather than saying ” I’m sorry I’m late” try, “thank you for being so patient since I was late”.
  2. Sit back and take a deep breath. Some times you just need a breather! Take a break from whatever you’re doing and go take a walk, even if its only for five minutes.
  3. Call someone you love before starting your day and when finishing your day! Talking to someone can change your entire mood. Call a friend who you know will relieve your stress from the day or put you in a good mood for what is to come.
  4. Always make sure to eat a good breakfast, this can easily change your day! Getting up and making your own breakfast is even better!!!!
  5. Make sure to compliment as many people as you can. Something about making other people feel good, can make you feel even better.

I know these might seem kind of random, but I’m just sharing some things that I personally keep in mind when Im trying to remind myself life is too short to have bad days!! Make everyday as great as you can.