Thrifty Finds!!!!

Goodmorning!!! I want to start doing a thrift haul every month. So month one, October thrifty finds: 

First up this oversized sweater cardigan, it’s so soft I’m obsessed with it and wear it all the time. Found: goodwill Price: $2

Next up is this XL JCrew men’s shirt. I’m gonna wear it as a sweater dress and roll up the sleeves with some tennis shoes for errand running or boots for a bonfire!!!  Found: goodwill Price: $1.50

Then I found this Banana Republic women’s sweater. It’s just black and thought why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Found: goodwill Price: $2

The one I absolutely love is this cropped turtle neck. It’s so comfy & I love the color. This is definitely my favorite color of the season. Found: goodwill Price: $1.50

(The cookies in the back of the pic)

OK LASTLY MY MOST FAVE. This Large Kate Spade bag!!!!!! I only have Kate Spade purses because I love her style. So I needed this… right? Maybe not. But for $50? YES. Considered a smaller version is like $250.  Found: Buffalo Exchange Price: $50

Fall Trends I Love

Leaves are changing colors, and so should your closet! Pack away your bright fun summer colors and bring out the cool cozy fall tones. Big over-sized sweater, boots, booties, denim jackets, all the fall fun. Fall is my favorite when it comes to fashion and style. SO today Im going to be sharing some basic fall pieces that are very trendy that everyone should have in their closet! (For more fall outfit inspo click HERE)

First, A good cream colored over sized sweater. You could wear this as is, add a denim jacket, or wear a white collared shirt underneath. I picked this off white color that way its very versatile and you could wear with literally, anything. Heres a cute outfit example:


Next up, Hunter boots for sure. I love mine so much and get so excited wearing them every fall. Even though they are a rain boot they’re so stylish to wear during this season. And honestly you can get any color and be able to match the season even with a bright yellow boot. Here is a cute example:


Another trend Ive been feeling is white booties… I love the idea of having them underneath some boyfriend jeans. Inspiring example:



Next up, an oversized distressed denim jacket. These come in handy when its cold out and need a jacket over your sweater. Another look I really love is like an all black athleisure look with the denim jacket.. Example:


Lastly, an oversized cardigan. The perfect laying piece. Just throwing one on and you can change your entire outfit. Example:


Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday!!! Here is a roundup of what was on the blog this past week!! Also, stick around for next week I’m introducing a new series!!!


Monday: 10 Must See Movies For Fashion Lovers

Tuesday: 5 Beauty Products I Swear By

Wednesday: Wearing Denim x Denim

Thursday: Sale Look From Nordstrom

Friday: 5 Fashion Books You Need To Read

Saturday: State Box With Morgan In Manhattan


Enjoy your Sunday, and stay tuned for a other week full of posts!!!!!!!!!!!

Xo, E

State Box with Morgan

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

Happy weekend!!!!!! Im so glad this post is finally being shared!! Ive been anticipating it for so long. Morgan from Morgan in Manhattan and I decided to collar and bring you guys this fun state box!! First off, she’s literally the sweetest person and attends FIT, where I hope to be in a couple of months. Y’all better read her blog and follow her on instagram!!!

Second, a state box is where you put things that represent your state or where you’re from and send it to someone who lives some where else. Giving them a little taste of you’re home. This was seriously so fun. I am already in love with New England (I applied to 3 schools there for this upcoming semester) its so beautiful and I dream of that weather and getting away from this Texas heat!!!

Some things I included in my box you can find on Morgan’s post. So I’m going to share what she sent me! First off, I wish I got more pictures but I was ripping through the box with excitement so fast… Anyway, when I opened it some maple leaves came out (SO CUTE!!!!!!!!) already in love. The box included, a candle that I use everyday, probably more than I should, Cape Cod chips, I’m actually obsessed with them, and some more Massachusetts goodies that I love!!!!!!!!!!! You guys, Im obsessed.

You can catch me dreaming about Massachusetts for the next couple of weeks. :)))

If you are a blogger I highly recommend getting one of your blogger friends from wherever to do this!! It was so much fun.

Nordstrom Look

Goodmorning!! & happy almost Friday (finally) I’ve actually had the whole week off and go back to work today until Sunday. 

I’ve talked about these jeans before and how much I love them but I’ve seriously been wearing them on repeat, so here they are again. But this time they’re on sale!!!!! 

I need to go back and get them in more colors. I think they come in a darker color, black, and white!! Also I found this too from top shop in Nordstrom for like $25 I think??? It’s so comfy & I love the color!!!! 

Wearing Denim x Denim this Fall 


I don’t know why but I hardcore feel like Arielle from Something Navy when I wear this outfit!!! The shoes are from her collaboration with Treasure and Bond. The simplicity of the outfit but how chic it is just reminded me of her style!!

These are also the most comfortable jeans ever, I have been wearing them on repeat, they’re also under $100 and from Free People so thats a steal! My over sized distressed denim jacket is also under $100 and a huge trend this fall.